Diary 2019-06-06

By Max Woerner Chase

I'm managing some kind of proto-migraine right now, so I'm going to try to actually write this post quickly.

Earlier today, I messed around a bit on the PICO-8, got some SFX/music stuff that's okay, I guess. I'm thinking I'd like to switch for a while to a tracker that's more focused on imitating physical instruments.

Anyway, I'm reading articles on multiplayer game design in brief bursts, and seeing if I can apply them to MonFree, since Dennis was a prerequisite to MonFree. Having heard about the directions that certain large franchises are taking, I've come to the conclusion that, rather than trying to copy shiny elements of other games, I should focus on what's appealing to me. The result may end up being... mildly impenetrable. I'll have to draw up a proper design later.