Diary 2019-05-26

By Max Woerner Chase

ETA: Dennis posts continue in the category.

I'm up through part 13 of the tutorial. It's done, modulo whichever crash bugs I've introduced, and not yet encountered, of which there could be many. I've got a few things I'd like to add, but for the moment, I'd like to avoid adding features, in favor of improving the code quality. Like, neither the tutorial code, nor my adaptation, currently has docstrings. (I think I have like, one, copied from the itertools recipes.) There are also some organizational questions that I kind of held off on answering, but I'd like to look into. And code that works, but I know I wrote wrong, because it's really confusing and unintuitive.

Regardless, I can play through far enough to fill my inventory with healing potions and fireball scrolls. Defense OP, should nerf.

Anyway, I also want to look into trying out some other tooling. Like, there are bits of the codebase that could, in theory, be broken out into their own projects. I'd be interested in making a tiny monorepo for this stuff, and adapting my current ad-hoc build stuff to Bazel or something.

Anyway, I'm ready to take a break from this stuff, at least for a few days.

And, it's getting late. Good night.

ETA: Dennis posts continue in the category.