Diary 2019-05-11

By Max Woerner Chase

Once again, entry got pushed out because I was having too much fun messing with dennis. Today, I addressed some of my concerns around serialization, wrote tests for edge cases because real-looking data is effort, and started writing serializers. Doing this is going to be significantly more effort than just sticking everything in shelve, but I'm not going to stick everything in shelve.

Looking over the tutorial, I believe I want to take a hard line on refactoring once I get through part 10. I should, at the very least, finally start breaking up the input processing function. There's also wiring in the new logic I've written for handling sprites and fighters. And converting the GameMap to a component.

Thinking about adding multiple floors, that might call for more advanced queries for the world iterator. I'll add that to the to-dos.

Once I've had my fun refactoring, I'm going to see if there's any more Mypy options I want to turn on.

It's late and I don't know how to end this post. Good night.