Diary 2019-05-10

By Max Woerner Chase

Today, I got tempted to use some kind of tooling to manage priorities for working on Dennis. I poked at some fancy things, but then discovered todo.txt, plopped a file for that into the repo, and got to work on it.

I put in some of the lower-priority refactors I want to do. I put in and worked on stuff needed for testing, like convenience functions for making game objects. I also put in a bunch of out-there feature ideas that may or may not pan out, but sound interesting to me. So, I've got actual test code now, which is exciting. I'm working on my coverage numbers, and some amount of improving coverage metrics will propbably come from working out which bits of code I can ignore.

I've decided I want to focus a bit next on serialization, and the big concern there is reworking how the code refers to colors.

Not much more to say for now, and I'm really sleepy, so I'm going to cut things off here. Short entry again, oh well. Good night.