Diary 2019-05-09

By Max Woerner Chase

Thinking back on all of the refactoring I've been doing, I realized that a bunch of it wasn't really getting me closer to having serialization work nicely. I therefore exercised a tiny bit of restraint and shifted focus towards addressing any issues I identified that would directly complicate serialization. I wrote up everything I saw as an issue inline, and fixed a few of the issues, but not yet all of them.

The serialization issues I identified fit into two general categories:

I believe I solved every instance I found of the first issue, but the second issue is somewhat more involved to solve, so I only fixed some of it. The big issues remaining are the "Fighter" and "Display" components. My basic inclination right now is to make a set of baseline things, and have ways of modifying them by nesting them inside other data structures.

I just put together the groundwork for that, which was pretty easy. Actually adapting the rest of the code to use it is more effort, which I'll put off until tomorrow. Tomorrow, I'll wire those in, and figure out how I want to handle colors, because I know I want to do something different than how I'm currently handling them. Really excited to redo the core turn logic, but that's not a priority. I'll let myself work on that when it looks like the code is ready for serialization.

I've put off finishing this post too long. Good night.