Diary 2019-04-26

By Max Woerner Chase

I'm working on reimplementing node-graph's differential methods as visitors. It's sort of amazing what will typecheck. For example: IntermediateDifferential(*map(sum, *zip(*node.nodes))). Mypy is fine with that.

In other news, I did enough hypothetical low-level design stuff that I got it out of my system, and my plan now for IF is to write up a transcript, and use that to evaluate authoring tools against. If I come up with a criterion that doesn't reflect the transcript's requirements, I have to make myself ignore it.

And in other other news, I found out recently about Coconut, and it has me wanting to revisit roguelike tutorial-y stuff, now that I know someone else has implemented the features I was approximating with Structured Data. (In point of fact, even though I haven't tried it out really, just reading the documentation has me fairly confident that some of the equivalents to Structured Data functionality, are superior in Coconut.)

For a sec I couldn't remember what I spent most of today doing, and then I was like "Oh yeah, I was trying to justify my choice of classpect. An excellent use of literally anyone's time."

Um. Good night.