Diary 2019-03-31

By Max Woerner Chase

Me yesterday: I sure would like to figure out more about developing Jedi.

Me today: It sure is fun coming up with a bunch of other projects, and playing Nova Drift.

Not much to talk about, really. We watched a Troma fantasy movie that was well-reviewed on a bad-movies site. While I take a little issue with the factual accuracy of parts of the review, all in all Eye(s?) of the Serpent was kind of amazing in the lengths it went to to try to conceal its lack of plot. It's something about a windowless castle with like three rooms, and a secret warcamp with like five guys in it and kites flying above it at all times, and at the end, two characters sword-fight each other to death, but not in the way that sword fights usually cause death. I think they exploded?

Trying to think about what to try to work on. I'm thinking stepping away from tooling, and focusing on creating some content, and then maybe making stuff to present that content nicely. We'll see.

Good night.