Diary 2019-03-21

By Max Woerner Chase

Collaboration tip: try to avoid saying you'll work on something, but then ghost it for like a year. Anyway, I'm interested in getting back to improving Jedi, so I've been looking over my fork, and realizing it would probably be best to start fresh. (Among other things, there's a new branch that it sounds like I should be targeting, maybe?)

I also figured out some of the reasons that my mypy plugin stuff was so incredibly confusing to me, so I've got improvements that should go in soon. I'll try to write that up tomorrow, because it could be useful troubleshooting advice for people who write their modules like I do. (I've already put up an abridged writeup in Gitter, which I hope came out a little more in-depth than "I fixed it".)

I also grabbed some new games. Baba is You is... confusing. A completely accurate description would run the risk of sounding like the 100% Objective Review: Final Fantasy XIII. ("You play as characters. The player characters are the characters you control. Your goal is to attain the goal.") Anyway, that was interesting and distracting, so I'll also be playing that for a while.