Diary 2019-03-10

By Max Woerner Chase

Twitch still isn't working right, so I've given up on it and switched to MultiMC. That worked, and I spent a lot of today messing with Modern Skyblock 3. I'm not sure if I was supposed to notice that there's alloying early-game, but I did, and that has thrown things way out of whack.

Anyway, I also got a little further in the Amethyst tutorial. Nothing much to say about that; my plan is to go more in-depth after I finish it, and start tweaking it into different forms.

Also also, we talked some about Anima Prime, and the current plan is that I'll put together an example thing showcasing the various bits of the rules. Not quite sure what to do there that the sourcebook doesn't already have. Maybe I'll ask for a specific scenario to describe...

Other than that, today was pretty uneventful, which was nice.