Diary 2019-03-09

By Max Woerner Chase


Anyway, the new Twitch launcher tends to be really glitchy about displaying the modpacks I have installed. I haven't found a consistent fix yet. For some reason, I've been in there a lot trying to get it to work.

I did a little bit of progress following the Amethyst tutorial. Mostly, I got it set up with Pijul so I've got a safety net against accidentally trashing it. I'm really interested in exploring the stuff about pushdown automata, because that's the kind of thing I was trying to do, badly, when I was following that Python roguelike tutorial. (As I recall, the tutorial described an approximation to a PDA, and I might have tried to generalize it.)

Aside from that, we watched Halloween 6 (or "Vi"), and, um, wow. That was some editing. It's a good thing neither of us has photosensitive epilepsy. I feel like there was a bunch of padding going on there:

Like, points for trying to build on the thorn stuff from 5, but, oof.

And, it's late again. I'll try to work harder on following the tutorial tomorrow. Good night.