Diary 2019-03-04

By Max Woerner Chase

What did I do today? Um...

Well, we've been watching more of the Halloween movies. We're up through 5, so just one more and then the timeline starts getting all silly.

I'm going to wind down on the RPG stuff until we both think we have a good grasp on the rules.

I think for the future I'll try to get more into the other stuff I've been doing: learning new programming languages, reading trashy books, and getting back into drawing, which I haven't been doing much because I'm supposed to spend an equal amount of time doing stuff for fun, and I haven't had fun stuff to draw in mind.

All of that is in the future, however, and in today's immediate past is, um, a bunch of modded Minecraft, I guess.

Let's see about being a bit more active in the months to come, I guess. Good night.