Diary 2019-03-03

By Max Woerner Chase

I spent today being tired, and working on rpg stuff (including adding more capabilities to the auto-roller). We designed our characters. Now, I'm trying to write up the stuff we need to know for various situations so we have a quick reference. It's not going well; I'm going to see if I can mark up the pdf on my e-reader any. Maybe I'll just be like, okay, I'll act as the referee.

I don't know when we'll try to get started in earnest. My wife seems to be having some kind of extended migraine of varying intensity. We might need to put off doing things too intensely until the seasons change properly.

Looking ahead, I was thinking I wanted to take transcripts of this stuff, but I don't know how she'd feel about putting them online.

I'm going to wrap this up here, and try to test this rumor I've heard that "sleep" does something to alleviate "being tired".