Diary 2019-02-22

By Max Woerner Chase

Before anything else, I'd like to thank the customer support at Monte Cook Games. I sent in a reasonable request that was in response to unreasonable circumstances of my own making, and they were like "Yeah, that makes sense." and resolved everything to our satisfaction. Good job.

Anyway, it's hella rough dealing with work. I wish I could be setting priorities more; I feel like it would be more tolerable if I could just focus my energies where they'd be most effective; it feels like that's not what's happening.

Anyway, still working on RPG stuff, slowly. My intention is to design an Anima Prime setting based on a concept my wife came up with recently, and strap the Mythic GME to it, so we can both play. I'll try to make some proper progress on that this weekend.

Well, I'm writing slowly, so I'm not going to get much more written down at this rate. Hope things turn out more prolific tomorrow. Good night.