Diary 2019-02-20

By Max Woerner Chase

I've got jury duty in the morning, so I'm going to try to wrap things up a little earlier. I'm doing prep work for the rpg stuff I mentioned. Said prep work basically amounts to making sure I have a decent grasp on all of the relevant rules, cross-referenced between three (and a half?) books.

I think what I need to make this work is to come up with a setting sketch, out to the level of some sample enemies, and working out the skills and powers we'll have. After that, I want to have some kind of flowchart or something for synthesizing all of the rules into some gameplay loops, examples of the various kinds of things we'll want to note down, and probably tooling for handling a bunch of the rolls. I'm fairly sure we don't have percentile dice handy.

Anyway, I'd better sleep so I can get up so I can get over there so I can probably not be selected.