Diary 2019-02-17

By Max Woerner Chase

Oops, I botched yesterday's post. It's up now, as in, now, when this goes up.

Anyway, another quiet day on the weekend. I messed around with some learning to code stuff, exercises and tutorials. I'm kind of leaning towards, if I want to do any text-heavy game stuff, doing it in the browser, because I feel like there I can sort of trust it to handle stuff that is admittedly, in terms of the stuff I'll probably do, an edge case, but is commonly encountered by other people. Like text rendering at all more complicated than English. Like, if I think to check that Arabic text renders sensibly, and it doesn't, that bothers me.

I also got distracted indexing character creation stuff for an RPG that has options spread over nine or ten books. Am I ever going to make use of this index? ... No comment.

Anyway, I let things go late, so I'd better wrap up. Good night.