Diary 2019-02-02

By Max Woerner Chase

Cards. Cards cards cards. Feeling like making a card game. I could try to put something together command-line-wise. Or try to learn how to use Unreal Engine with the stuff I just grabbed on their asset store. Or see how much stuff I can shove into Ink logic.

Something else on my mind recently... I was never into Kingdom Hearts directly, but all the noise around the release got me watching explainer videos, like the Polygon one that tried to explain things in terms of (ideas vaguely inspired by) the Hero's Journey. I refreshed my memory on this stuff some, and mostly found out that nobody can agree on how many fundamental narrative building blocks there are. And that trying to follow some of these outlines would probably make people think you were specifically referencing the Odyssey. I brought this kind of thing up with my wife, and I was all "Well, I mean, we both know that there's only one legit monomyth..." And it's getting late, so I'll have to explain the inside joke another time.