Diary 2019-01-23

By Max Woerner Chase

So far, I've spent a lot of this week on a secret project. Sometimes, I see people talking about secret projects in the context of, they will release more detail, but that's not the plan here. This paragraph constitutes everything I intend to make public about the project through this blog.

Aside from that, I'm taking it easy for now. I don't want to stress myself out by feeling obligated to fit these various projects into a day, always, though it'd be nice if I could do it more regularly.

It snowed a few days ago, and the front steps of the house are a horrible adventure to navigate. I basically need to hold various things in a deathgrip, and use that to stabilize myself, because so much of the area is covered in curved, sloping ice.

Well, that's it for today I guess, I'm super tired and bad at writing. Good night.