Diary 2019-01-21

By Max Woerner Chase

Another day, another series of time-management blunders. (Also, I don't think I've previously run into the weirdness I just hit renaming a copied entry from the twentieth. How was that never a problem before?)

I decided to try adapting something shorter and more tractable to the PICO-8, so I've started transcribing the prelude to Sburb. Because it's shorter than Stronger Than You, I'm doing strict one-measure-per-track until that bites me somehow, and because it was originally arranged for piano in the first place, I'm using the "organ" instrument. This works for the chords, but I might want to switch to another instrument for the stuff that is not chords.

(I'll also probably end up hopelessly confused if I try to jump into transcribing the rest of Sburb, so I won't, for now.)

Played a bunch more Equivalent Skies. I'm getting to empowerer crafting soon, which means I'm going to need to work out a better base build than "single massive floor, level with spawn". Since Thaumcraft is telling me to go up, I'll probably try to build a tower opposite the mob farm, and relocate machines into it. Probably want to base the design around a storage system. Years ago now, I once tried to design a build around a kind of distributed spire, in which each mod I was working with had a "quadrant" to work with, and they connected up through either four or eight columns that went through the inner corner of each quadrant, with some kind of pavement between the quadrants to speed up travel. It might be interesting to revisit that. But I want to take a few days off, then try and set this stuff up. Hm. The pack just updated. I might start fresh next weekend, and try to maybe do some kind of regular content with it.

For next week, though, I think I should be trying to manage my time more rigorously than simply writing stuff down in these blog posts. So, that's the plan: plan better.