Diary 2018-12-19

By Max Woerner Chase

I didn't have time yet to do a rough draft of the game; we watched Maniac Cop, which took a good chunk of time. A lot of that movie was silly, but I guess between this and Zombie Nightmare, I'm down for more "zombie vs police" movies.

On Monday, I did the whole log out of tumblr and stay off for the day thing. I came back the next morning to a relatively quiet dashboard (which is more because I've seriously cut down on my follows), with just a corporate account, which, fair, and a statement from staff regarding the rules changes, which was at best too little, and extremely late. Now that a bunch of people have deleted their blogs in protest, they choose to state that things won't be as bad as everyone is assuming, on the strength of the text of the rules.

When tumblr tries to explain that the text of the rules means things won't be so bad, that doesn't fill me with confidence. They seem to have this weird idea that they can expect people to react solely to what they say, when everyone is mentally correlating their past words and actions to extrapolate out future actions, and deciding that it's really time to be going. NSFW blogs on tumblr were always operating under worry of being put through a capricious reporting system and suspended, only to have gross spambots squat the URL.

Many aspects of staff's statement were the most insulting aspect:

TL;DR: the scorpion is acting confused that all the frogs are staying away.