Diary 2018-12-17

By Max Woerner Chase

An approximate breakdown of today:

When I get around to the books, I'll probably do one-off entries reflecting on things when I reach stopping points. I think I have some bad, or at least counterproductive, habits around reading, and I think explicitly reflecting on things would curb some of the worst bits. This is similar to something I think I mentioned a few months ago, where I was reading Ficciones in Spanish, for reasons, and I noticed I was doing much better at comprehension when I read it out loud, then realized this was also something to keep in mind for stuff like RPG rulebooks.

I just now tweaked the tic-tac-toe spec, and I'm kind of feeling like, why don't I try using it now, and see where it falls short? Like, not right now now, but soon.

Super excited for not having such short days in a few weeks. Good night everyone.