Diary 2018-12-15

By Max Woerner Chase

Yesterday, apparently, Firefox upgraded, removed the live bookmarks feature, and exported my live bookmarks so I could load them into something else. I had a look in the file. It was just my Google Reader feed.


Poking around videos, I remembered that Idris sounded sort of interesting, so let's throw that on the pile of technologies to investigate. So far as other things to investigate, David R. MacIver makes some interesting reading recommendations that I think might be really important to informing my writing, when I work on stuff besides this diary-ing/journaling/whatever.

Did a little more to the functional spec. I think I need to review the guides I found to writing functional specs, to get this into a better state, because it feels like I'm just tossing stuff into it at the moment.

I had more stuff I wanted to put in this entry, but I've forgotten it, because a single browser tab was bringing my computer to its knees.

Oh yeah, it was thinking about machine learning. I started typing up what I'd had in mind for that topic, and then concluded that actually, I didn't have enough that I wanted to say about it, even by the standards of these blog posts. Basically, it seems cool, but I don't know of any problems I have, to which it would be a solution. I'd been thinking about it for image processing, but it seems like learning to draw would work better for the kind of stuff I had in mind. I think the best thing to do for now would be to start writing down drawing ideas in my art reference folder, so I have something to work with when I get better at drawing.