Diary 2018-12-08

By Max Woerner Chase

I kept on thinking I had an idea for a post today, and having it not come together. Oh well! Grab-bag time.

I'd been mostly unaware of what Epic is up to, so, having now seen some semi-recent Twitter output from Tim Sweeney, please assume until further notice, that my reaction to any game storefront being in the news for any reason is a pained grimace, half-heartedly twisted into an attempt at a neutral expression. I want things to improve, but there's so much news that's really hard to read, and this isn't even all the stuff that isn't video games...

I'm kind of at a remove from world news, I guess as kind of a reaction to getting a small bit of news firehose from Twitter, which is part of the reason I'm not really on it any more. But, like, it's obvious that there's so much horrible, stupidly horrible stuff going on in the world, and it seems like so much of it doesn't happen for any kind of a good reason. So many events that seem completely contingent, adding up to senseless and unprovoked killings, and that's just the worst of it...

I don't like being a downer like that. I want to find some way to turn things around, but I don't see how I could single-handedly do anything big, so I guess I need to look for big things I can help with, and little things I can do.

I need to find something, and as cool as doing stuff with code can be, I think I'm concluding once again that I have to look into the Romance Instrumentality project more. I've got that all set to start commenting on the blog posts I copied. Speaking of stuff in the functional specs, I've got I think all of the syntax-related stuff from the blog copied in, though I think there's more stuff that might be relevant, like the blog posts mention writeups, which I think are in the package itself. I've got to find those, and then I can really get into these things.

But, for now, romance novels.