Diary 2018-12-05

By Max Woerner Chase

I've been gradually moving writeups and ideas into the functional specs. According to the dates I put on these things, I copied all of the OMICE posts into the spec, so I can just drag stuff around in it later. I also made some tweaks to a spec for a conlang focused around the interaction of some non-English features. I think the quick hits to go to from here would be Python Augmented and Structured Data.

I'd like to think that I'd have gotten more done if I hadn't been distracted by the mass exodus from Tumblr. I've got so many accounts on so many services to start following, and some people, like Prokopetz, don't even know where they're going yet! It's a huge mess, and it sloshed out to me even though I don't post on tumblr any more, really.

Anyway, in other random news, I guess Epic is launching its own storefront. I'm interested in seeing competition on revenue split. I've heard confusing things about what games they will and won't allow, and the chart in their announcement story feels off; like I think I read someone interpreting it as "Epic will also cover Unity fees", which I'm fairly sure they didn't say they'd do. Regardless, this should shake things up, hopefully in a good way.

In the end, thinking over the last few days, I guess I can't hold out for a totally serene week with no distractions, so I'll just focus on doing what I can in response to what happens.

PS: I tried to clean up my desktop, and that turned out to break my publishing pipeline, because I guess it's held together with spit and pipe cleaners.