Diary 2018-10-28

By Max Woerner Chase

I may have played too much Opus Magnum to focus on much else.

Thinking about the kinds of things this game could include:

One thing to note is that I probably want to limit the party size, and the number of NPCs that can be present in a given scene.

Basically, in a settlement, you have the following jobs you can assign:

These can have the following outcomes:

On the road, the following things can happen:

The following actions are available:

If arrested, the player can:

If held up, the player can:

If attacked by animals, the player can:

When the player encounters a known navigational hazard:

When the player encounters a dungeon:

In a dungeon, they can assign jobs, and redo assignments as needed:

They can encounter dungeon-related things, like:

Various things can inflict diseases and curses, which:

I think when it comes to navigating between settlements, I want to give the trip a maximum length, and load it into the story to set up traversal. Potentially it could instead use some form of linked-list-style traversal, allowing for arbitrary length.