Diary 2018-10-27

By Max Woerner Chase

Opus Magnum. Opus Magnum. Opus Magnum Opus Magnum. Opus Magnum? Opus Magnum Opus Magnum! Opus Magnum.


Opus Magnum Opus Magnum Opus Magnum.

(I'm a fan of Zachtronics games. Is it any wonder, after I said "I'm porting the code to Lua as I read. This is an interesting exercise, and I'd recommend it to people familiar with Lua and the source language of whatever they choose to port. It basically forces you to consider, when the source leans on some language feature, which part of it is actually necessary to accomplish the goal."?)

Do I have anything else to say about today? Not really. We watched some episodes of Baywatching ("That was the weirdest version of Rosemary's Baby") and then Sleepaway Camp ("... Hi"). And then GOTO 1