Diary 2018-10-20

By Max Woerner Chase

I had a rough few days, so another diary entry. At work, we had a big whole-company meetup. Then, the day after, I barely got out of bed until I was done telecommuting. Maybe some of the people who went managed to have enough fun after to get a hangover, but for my part, I was just exhausted. And the CEO was talking about doing these more often than annually...

*screams internally*

Anyway, I started using GitHub Desktop at work, and it was fine, which is good for it, since its a whole integrated thing, and so it had better fit their default workflows.

I've also been messing around with some hobby code I haven't been writing about, and trying out an editor that supports elastic tabstops. I'm not sure yet, after a week, whether I can recommend them as anything other than a novelty. One use case for them is having function arguments aligned under the function call, rather than off to the left, if the line is long and has to wrap. But in the code I've used them with, I've often found that, in such lines, the length comes from the code up to the call, so bringing the left margin over squishes everything, and potentially pushes it over anyway. The other thing I notice is that it manages to really strongly distinguish tabular and "almost-tabular" data, in that data that suggests, but does not entirely conform to, a tab-based structure, will look like garbage if you try to apply that structure. It almost suggests to me a desire for some kind of control character that makes the following tab align to "the next stop", but doesn't affect the position of the "skipped" stop. Maybe it would be handy to have a language that defined non-escaped tabs as not included in the string literals that contain them.

Ultimately, it was aggravating enough that I just rewrote all of the tab characters, and am now getting my novelty for this project by writing it in a proportional font. Since I literally just now made the change, I can't speak to how well it'll sit with me—come back in a week for that, I guess—but it looks cool and I'm sure the editor supports it better.

Anyway, maybe I'll write about that project itself next week, maybe not.

Went back to modded Minecraft briefly, and tried out the beginning of a skyblock pack based on recent GregTech. That was something. It's not that I don't want to come back to it, it's just that I want to wait until I am well-rested and feeling extremely patient. Anyway, I should get ready for bed, because I'm still/once more tired.