Diary 2018-10-08

By Max Woerner Chase

Another one paid the money. This is kind of depressing and annoying, because I can't see any way around this, short of mass-mailing every email address in a data breach, which sounds super annoying to do or be on the receiving end of.

Anyway, I was mostly taking it easy today. I played CrossCode a little. The second boss was substantially easier once I started applying actual thought to it. I'm sort of confused about how much of the scenario being presented is supposed to be true within the game's fiction, and how much is fictional. Hopefully, that gets clearer later.

Thinking about stuff to do later, I'm kind of interested in bors, so maybe I'll do a project next week focusing on getting bors working on a new project, even if it is a one-person deal. If I'm doing that, maybe I want to try using a gui for Git again, because the various frontends and adapters I've used so far aren't obviously suited to the whole "the branch is done, you can delete it now" model. (Actually, are there issues with deleting a tag in mercurial? I don't even know.) GitHub Desktop seemed like the obvious choice, but opening it up reminded me of what a horrible mess my repositories are. Well, I'll play around with it later, and see if it offers a better experience than "use Gitless as training wheels, then drop into Git for any remotely complicated operation."