Diary 2018-10-05

By Max Woerner Chase

I was looking more into writing stuff in Prolog. It's got some good tools that I ought to look into, like the testing facilities in SWI-Prolog sound like they're pretty good.

I also started sketching out some of the things I want to do with Linked Seas. I should look into techniques for handling unreliable narrators.

One thing I've been doing since the year started, and not really mentioning, is regular exercise. These past few days, I realized that it was possible for me to exert myself more on the treadmill, than I had been. The result is presumably good in terms of exercise, but I'm wiped out right now.

Earlier today, I was messing around with other text editors. I write this blog in Sublime Text, but there's nothing really specialized relating Sublime Text to my publishing workflow. I was trying out Textadept, because that supports elastic tabstops, and I'm trying to decide what I think of them. One thing I think is, I don't like the way etst works. It happens to produce correct output for some of the example code, but it behaves very differently from the described mental model on certain arrangements of code.

Anyway, I'd like to try it out on some Lua code or something, if I ever come up with a project in Lua that isn't just meditating on PL design stuff. Those projects are kind of frustrating when they get too rarefied for me to pretend I'm going to do something with them. Ideally, I'd come up with something that isn't feature envy of another language. Maybe something in LÖVE.

Anyway, going to try and take it easy and get my strength back. I'll keep on posting these as regularly as I can.