Daikon Tracer 2020-09-10

By Max Woerner Chase

Nothing really interesting to report yet. Still just copying stuff over from Coverage.py. In a few more days, I should have enough scaffolding copied over to start thinking about the trace function, but I want to make an effort to consider as few things as possible at one time.

Also, it just occurred to me that my whole "Well, optparse says not to use it so I don't want to use it" thing doesn't quite make sense, insofar as I like Click, and last I checked, Click is based on optparse. I read, but do not remember, the whole explanation for why they use optparse and not argparse.

Anyway, that doesn't terribly matter to the tracer, because I want to have the same level of external dependencies as Coverage.py.

I'm getting tired and I'd like to wrap things up.

Good night.