Conworld Codex - Planning 2018-09-26

By Max Woerner Chase

In this post:

Things went late today, so I'm going to try to be quick about this whole "planning" thing. I'm reading over some Prolog tutorials now, and it really is seeming like something that I was missing before, and trying and failing to recreate in other languages. Since I want to try using it with Conworld Codex, that means I need to figure out what the relevant representation should actually look like, and what kind of operations it should support.

My plan for "attempt to actually do stuff" Conworld Codex is to attempt to draw inspiration from the historical method, and make the "codex" be more of a catalog of objects, texts, etc. This will probably end up needing some form of temporal logic, maybe?

So, for my two project entries this week, I want to:

I'd think more about stretch goals and stuff but it's late and I want to wrap this up.

Next time, I try to work out what the domain I intend to model looks like.