Coding 2022-06-05

By Max Woerner Chase

Okay, I made a bit more progress on MOTR, partially by doing weird hacks to the code. I've now got a basic test working for the mypy workflow. At this point, I could either try to plug some coverage holes by copying this approach with the pytest workflow code I've written, or I could step back and try to figure out which bits of the code I've written should be their own functions, etc.

For the latter course of action, I've got five-ish modules to review and see if I can make modules like them more pleasant to write. Making those modules more pleasant is important because... Okay, so, imagining a hypothetical future where MOTR takes off, I've categorized developers who will do things with MOTR into 4 groups:

MOTR is right now good enough for the fourth category, and I'm getting there for the third one, but it could be better, for sure.

These five-ish modules are important to the first two categories because the third category needs high-level representations of automatable tasks to be able to write a concise and clear motrfile. (Sadly, judging by the tests I've written, I can't expect any improvements in clarity just yet.) Right now, there are two ways these modules can be improved:

For now, I'm going to take things easy, and pick back up with planning the boilerplate reduction first.

Good night.