Coding 2022-03-21

By Max Woerner Chase

Today, I messed around with the new registry protocol a bit, and then stepped back from that.

Rather than continuing on with the command-line wrappers, I ended up adding some flake8 plugins and doing bits of cleanup.

Well then, next weekend, let's see about finishing up flake8, pytest, the python wrapper, then mypy, pyinstrument, and lastly coverage.

I can't say how long that will all take.

The basic arc I want to take is to get the commands all wrapped, get the motrfile finally simplified, more-or-less freeze the code, get coverage back up to full, and then look into improvements like:

Although, I might also just switch to another hobby project for a bit in honor of my multi-month attempt at delayed gratification.

Speaking of delays, this post is late, and I should wrap up ten minutes ago. In service of that—

Good night.