Coding 2022-03-19

By Max Woerner Chase

Okay, I didn't give myself much time to code today, but I at least want to plan stuff out. So, here's planning for supporting module calls.

The existing code determines a path to an executable. The code I need to add doesn't produce a specific path, not exactly. All the same, a path seems like the easiest choice, even if it's not precisely correct in all circumstances.

This is going to look messy.


Basically, I need to add a scan over the arguments to the resolution logic for the extra_io.


Oh, wow, that is messy. Let's see what MOTR thinks of its code...

Not so happy with it...

I've fixed some of the issues, so I just want to check that I'm narrowing it down. Okay... I've made some changes that should cascade out to fix this...

And, bam, that seems to be cleared up, and also the code makes a little more sense at the higher levels of abstraction. The interface is kind of wonky, but it's... fine?

Anyway, moving on for now, the other thing I need is to figure out how to fix up the FlexOut class.

Okay, not happening in the next five minutes. I'll try to work things out later.

Good night.