Coding 2021-12-09

By Max Woerner Chase

Yesterday I looked at core/ The natural next place to look is core/ So let's crack that open.

First off, we've got Action, which should be Task. Next, ActionInput, which should be TaskPrerequisite. Then, ActionOutput, which should be TaskOutcome. Then, TargetName, which should be OutcomeName. Then, SkippedName, which is fine.

Those all get unioned into Requirement. Let's put a pin in that one.

There's _ActionData, which should be _TaskData.

Finally, there's Registry, which, put a pin in that, but let's look at the methods.

I'd like to give this a bit more consideration, but I just stood up and it made me feel awful, so I'm going to have to sleep on this, maybe switch gears for a few days.

Good night.