Coding 2021-10-15

By Max Woerner Chase

Okay, I'm still not feeling up for serious work, so I'm just going to review the other things I want to verify for the streamlined publishing workflow.

Honestly, all of my hopes/impressions for how mercurial works seem sensible enough that I think I'd rather convert my prototype into a script, comment out the last command, and make sure it handles everything properly. If that all works, I'll then publish a new version just to make sure that the published version matches whatever I have locally. (Also, I guess I should avoid letting it publish a major version for now.)

Once that's done, I'll have to get better about handling the issue tracker, and probably using topics. (Right now, I'm just lumping everything in a topic called self-hosting, which I suppose is reasonable, insofar as I keep moving the goalposts. MOTR absolutely runs against itself, but it accomplishes this by offloading a heroic quantity of functions and data types onto the configuration file, which means that it's not reasonable to use MOTR for my other projects, let alone expect anyone else to use it. I should maybe consider renaming the topic to something like other-hosting, I don't really know, and right now, I don't really care.)

Anyway, I've got some other stuff to work on right now, and I want to get this published and over with.

Good night.