Coding 2021-09-09

By Max Woerner Chase

I just kind of poked at MOTR's code today. I made some minor fixes to the dead code inside the motrfile, and slightly rearranged the imports in the main package. I still need to decide how to rewrite those imports, but "divide imports into 'used at runtime' and 'only used in annotations'" feels like a start.

The big thing I should work on is the pyproject-build invocation class, and its support structure. Once I work out how all of that should work together, I can transition to the Package paradigm, and focus on bringing existing motrfile code into it. Once that's done, I can move onto Platform.

There's a chance I would have gotten more done with this if the fire alarm hadn't gone off for no good reason and around twenty minutes.

Anyway, I think the thing to do is to take a break from coding for a few days, and really try to write stuff for the worldbuilding doc.

I'm going to wrap up now and play Monster's Expedition for a bit. That game is complicated, it's great.

Good night.