Coding 2021-08-25

By Max Woerner Chase

It's good to be back on this. I did some work on MOTR after I published the Missable Mysteries, because, while those posts took like a month to write, I wasn't working on them the day of, so I had some free time. At first, I was focused on iterating on the fixes for replacing pip install . with flit build && pip install <SOMETHING>. That "something" is currently much more straightforward than what I was originally planning, but there are a few changes that can take it further:

For now, I'm working on increasing the coverage. Once I get it all the way up, I'll feel comfortable making more changes to the code, such as:

There's just a few lines left to cover, so I should be able to get on that soon. I'll publish a new version first, just to have a version with a non-broken config file, then work on those changes, then start working on some of the interfaces I've been wanting to add for a while.

Anyway, it's getting way late again, so I should wrap up.

Good night.