Coding 2021-08-02

By Max Woerner Chase

I mostly took things easy today, did some work just now on one of my secret-ish projects.

Anyway, yesterday I mentioned not being happy with the Venv class in the configuration prototype. That is because of its public interface. It has four functions:

And it only makes sense to call them in that exact order. (Basically, the filesystem is acting as hidden global state.) At the same time, there are reasons to want to vary some of these calls.

Here's what I want for each stage, more or less:

From this, I can put together a rough sketch of helpful data types:

I'm unsure which of those last options makes more sense. I don't want to move forward on this until I have an answer that I find satisfying.

Anyway, I don't want to let things go any later, I'm pushing myself as is.

Good night.