Coding 2021-06-18

By Max Woerner Chase

The sequencing tests were a success, so the core logic looks solid for simple cases.

However, I also wrote tests to exercise the CLI, and some part of the rendering pipeline outright does not work.

Let's go through this slowly. I've defined a pair of tests; the differences between them are not important. Thanks to's test integration, I can confirm that both tests are registering and calling some custom hooks on the application object. These hooks resolve the Jinja2TemplateHandler associated with the app, and inject custom filters into the environment.

At this point, I can see two reasons this could fail:

I hope there's something else I'm missing, but if there is, I'm not in a state to figure it out. I just added a bit of exploratory logging, but I'm tired and wasn't thinking clearly and it didn't work. I think I'm going to need to drop into a debugger to figure this out. And figuring out the right way to hook that up is probably a whole other thing.

Good night.