Coding 2021-06-13

By Max Woerner Chase

I've got plans for implementing stuff for the task runner, using Cement's facilities. I want to make at least one extension to handle extending the existing Jinja environment to define additional filters.

I was thinking about injecting the Terminal object from blessed into the app, but until I determine that I need to reuse it, I think it's fine to just initialize it in the extension's load(app) function. I might also want to customize it according to the app's config. In that case, I might put it in pre_setup, just so I'm sure it's configured before any of the post_setup hooks run.

I didn't want to trying doing all of that before writing up this entry, because I'd like to wrap things up early-ish, and getting this entry in is part of that. So, after I publish this, I'll mess around a little, then do other stuff to wrap up.

I might have gotten more stuff done today, but eh, we had plans.

Good night.