Coding 2021-05-03

By Max Woerner Chase

Okay, so, something about today hit me hard and I'm pretty low on energy, so I'm just going to write up the current state of the task runner's tests, and figure out if there's anything to salvage, or if I should just write now tests and delete these.

So far as the generator-provided tests go, theres:

I think my plan is to sketch out the code that I want to try to test first, see if there are any dependencies I should work on first, then write tests based on the sketches and work on getting the tests to pass.

Since I'm kind of out of it right now, I think the smart course of action is to take a break for a few days and work on other things in the meantime. For now, I'm going to wind down a little earlier than usual, because I'm tired and I might have a rough day ahead of me.

Good night.