Coding 2021-04-23

By Max Woerner Chase

I did two major things today: converted the generated .gitignore to .hgignore, because I kind of thought Mercurial had code to handle .gitignore files, but I guess whatever I thought was going to happen, didn't happen; and, tried to configure towncrier.

I found the towncrier documentation a little confusing from the perspective of "someone who wants to get this in a working state ASAP without thinking too hard", so the current configuration is probably a bit of a gamble. I think I'm going to have to just try doing this, and that means cutting release v0.1.0.

Okay, that seems to have worked. I'll need to make more advanced changes to check, and the first step there is to replace the Makefile with something that I haven't deleted most of the files it expects to be there. Anyway, I got distracted thinking about features and implementation, so now I need to go to bed. It's kind of a tossup how much I'll get done tomorrow, but hopefully, on the weekend, I'll get somewhere significant.

Good night.