Coding 2021-03-28

By Max Woerner Chase

"Well, I did some planning for the update, it'd be nice to have a solid foundation for experimenting with code."


"I'd like to base this off of my current preferred repository layout, and ideally I'd use the cruft clone, but the cruft clone doesn't exist yet. Well, I can at least start making the cookiecutters."


"Okay, let's see what kind of response the bug report I just filed against Pijul gets."


So, I'm a few layers deep here. To try to get around all of this, I'm going to set up a quick prototype in Jupyter. Then, later, I can transfer it to regular python files.

I just tossed together the basic requirements for messing around with Numba, and I'll try that out later. I don't want to draw this out too much, so I'll just drop this context for the summary.

Good night.