Coding 2021-01-03

By Max Woerner Chase

And with a bit of investigation and fiddling, I managed to write a BQN program for both parts of the first AoC challenge, and the result looks somewhat idiomatic. I don't think I would have managed it without having looked at the interpreter source code first, though. Hopefully, I won't hit any huge barriers. BQN has a small set of primitives, so the challenge is always going to be figuring out how to combine them in a useful fashion.

Having to type all of the fancy symbols does kind of make me ponder some kind of Perligata-esque asciification, but that's probably a bad idea, if only because taking cues from an esolang should be a red flag.

Anyway, I was doing... other stuff, so I just now put together this short entry, late, and I don't want to draw things out any more.

Good night.