Coding 2021-01-02

By Max Woerner Chase

I think I've got all I need from the JavaScript BQN interpreter (not the compiler). So, once I'm ready to mess around with stuff again, it's time to get serious about learning BQN. First thing I did: aggressively bump up the magnification on the web site so I can reliably tell the difference between, say, and .

Thinking about the problem I want to use this for... I think I need ⊐⟜(-1) something to start with.

With that, and some searching on BQNCrate, I've made some improvements to my solution, and it's closer to supporting part two. At least, I think they're improvements? I really need a better sense of idiomatic style for APL-like languages.

Anyway, I spent enough time trying to figure out array manipulation, better wrap up for now.

Good night.