Coding 2021-01-01

By Max Woerner Chase

Did a little work on a Python interpreter for BQN. My basic plan is to work from the JavaScript interpreter, then get bugfixes by looking at the JavaScript compiler, work on feature parity with the JavaScript version, then see if I can get feature parity with the Java version. This will all be in Python 3 to start with. Once I have feature parity with the Java version, I want to see about benchmarks. For kicks, I'll then see about backporting to the latest PyPy2 release and generally structuring it more like an RPython-based interpreter. (Somewhat curious if getting a successful nojit compilation would allow me to use emscripten to make a JavaScript version that has feature parity with the Java version. Also note that "feature parity with the Java version" might be asking some stuff of the self-hosted compiler that it can't actually do, so there's a chance this last part isn't possible currently; I'm not sure.)

However, what I want to do is, finish up the initial JavaScript interpreter work, then get back into teaching myself the language.

This entry was a few minutes late because I was focusing on the port, and other stuff. I'd like to be done with it now.

Good night.