Coding 2020-11-15

By Max Woerner Chase

Today, I improved my coverage metrics by deciding that some of the code I added didn't make sense, so I deleted a bunch of it.

Looking for other low-hanging fruit, I noticed some code I added that should have been running, but wasn't, because I didn't update the rest of the code to properly invoke it. That improved things a little further. Now I'm just missing "what about subclasses that don't define an __init__, but a superclass does?", and various invocations of annotations and alias helpers. I should just put aside some time to work through those, but I don't feel like it right now.

My longer-term plans, once this has full coverage:

Actually, looking over some of that code, I'm kind of skeptical of bits of it, and I'm going to try changing more of the base logic and see what happens. Eh, need more planning. And it's not hurting anything, currently. I'm thinking that the cache value format for ResolutionContexts should be changed so it has fields like first: T; rest: Optional[Tuple[T, ...]]. That's a tomorrow question, though.

Good night.