Coding 2020-09-28

By Max Woerner Chase

... It would not have passed in a finite amount of time. Turns out I messed up writing a helper function. After giving that a few passes with breakpoints and assertions, I ran the code to discover... That it's still slow by Hypothesis standards without, and it's quite slow under coverage. To the point where I've elected to cut down on the number of explicit examples to a point where it's not really doing PBT, but I'm prioritizing development speed here.

Ugh, I really wish I knew why that test takes like six minutes under coverage. Anyway, time to work on code quality.

Some code split out, and documentation improved. I fixed up some minor loose ends from a few days ago. I'm a little split between feeling like I ought to get more documentation in, and wanting to find checkers and metrics to mess with and perturb the code.

Regardless, it's late enough that I'm done for tonight. I'm going to publish this and let the test suite run one last time.

Good night.