Coding 2020-09-19

By Max Woerner Chase

Re: last entry: it was fine.

Anyway, switching back to this category for the Cryptopals stuff. I'm organizing things in a way that makes more sense to me than some of my previous attempts. Specifically, I'm putting the helpful functions front and center, while the higher-level code that consumes them to solve the challenges is further from the root. This is in contrast to what I had with previous attempts, in which the top level was a (high-on-boilerplate) collection of challenge answers, plus a subpackage for "all of the lower-level stuff". I think this way maks more sense, and it makes the imports less of a pain.

One thing I have been taking from previous attempts is snippets of code. At some point, I'm going to have to review all of the code I have, and make sure I actually understand what I'm doing with it. I'm right now at the point where things ramp up in the first set, so I should make sure I'm well-rested before I try to get that working with my current libraries.

Maybe once I do these in Python, I should try learning Julia and giving them a shot in that. I also recently heard of a newish language called BQN that it might be interesting to try it with. The programs from that would certainly probably be, like, shorter.

Good night.