Coding 2020-06-18

By Max Woerner Chase

I gave the core logic a nicer implementation in concept, but I haven't yet figured out a nice way to express it in code. I gave the command-line interface some minor tweaks as well. I've got some vague ideas for how I might extend it to do stuff cooperatively with the dependency injection containers, but I'd need more frontends to have an idea of what "interacting frontends" would look like.

Speaking of the CLI, when I think about using Click, I often think about a blog post that I've read and reread that advocates against its use. I've tried to give the post the benefit of the doubt, and I'm looking into some of the libraries it recommends, like Cement. The overarching problem I'm having in all of this is that while the sentiment in the post is undoubtedly heartfelt, none of it has connected with me in a way that I can look at a Click interface I put together and go "Yes, I understand why that's bad". I'm honestly looking at the Cement documentation from the perspective of "How can I use this to replicate the interfaces I built on Click and Fire, but using a framework that will give me plausible protection against judgment from a stranger", which is just, so bad, on so many levels.

Anyway, I'm trying to get through the Cement tutorial, but I'm just jumping on all kinds of stuff. I'm going to make an effort to get through this stuff, because plenty of people clearly think it's useful, but right now the odds are kind of stacked against me caring.

Anyway, I also thought more about my character sheet prototype, and realized that I basically set it up like my ECS concept from working on Dennis, so now I'm trying to figure out what capabilities I want. Because I'm not really sure, the best course of action is probably to work on requirements from, say, Ironsworn and Retrocausality. Although, thinking about it some, I've got an initial idea of how I want things to go. I'm too tired to describe it.

Actually, I've been getting to bed late recently, and that's bad, so I'd better work on that. Now's a good time t work on it.

Good night.